Imagine by Albéric Jouzeau

Imagine by Albéric Jouzeau is a photographic project combining travel and decorativeness highlighted by a top-of-the-range photographic picture.

More than photo shots, my art aims to be decorative: colours are just as important as the subjects of the photo. They are timeless shots that will make you travel and add a touch of style to your home interior thanks to their colours, their grains and their frames.

Each photographic picture Imagine by Albéric Jouzeau encourages you to discover a destination.

All is then printed and pasted on plexiglas giving my work a modern and design art feel. The magic of the travel takes place by perfectly being integrated in your interior.




I had the opportunity to go across South Coast of Iceland and to discover breathtaking landscapes. Water, ice, silence… Man seems to be small compared with this bluish tint nature.

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I had the opportunity to cross Florida and to discover its various facets : Miami beach, Everglades, Key West. The pinkish tint allows to give a vintage key, like these art deco buildings and these old American cars that we can meet.

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It’s an amazing place for surfing, these beautiful landscapes of rice fields and the smile of its inhabitants. I wanted to retranscribe in the picture this natural blue/green tint.

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Los Angeles

This city is unique by its size, its mythical places and its special light represented by this orange tint.

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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an overlooked city. But is it a city, a destination of party or a gigant beach ?! I wanted the 3 colors of the Brazilian flag to stand out in this picture.

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Welcome to paradise of animals and also of the photographer ! To discover all these species in their natural environment is magic. But don’t forget that, behind this warm tint, the animal world is sometimes cruel.

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New York

I have gone all over the streets of New York at various seasons. A perfect city for photographers because it’s extremely photogenic. Day and night something always happens.

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I have travelled all over India from Rajasthan to Chennai. This country with many colours carries you away with its vitality. Women and their nice saris are the perfect symbol.

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Among the ten visited islands, I keep in mind the sun, the light, the wind… The tint was well selected because blue and white are everywhere.

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I have been there several times for various shootings and mainly during the festival. One moment out of time when we can’t make difference between fiction and reality. The black and white tint appeared obvious to me to evoke this cinematic look.

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More Information

• Limited and signed edition (150 copies)
• Sale Price : 400 euros
• High Quality print on transparent plexiglas 3 mm (1/8p), pasted on black plexiglas 3 mm (1/8p)
• Fixings on robust black frames

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